Lets talk about this idea which deals with how to keep true to the original goal of the cryptocurrency movement about being decentralized.

MEV is put across as a term which implies that some people with more money and better tools could do some complicated modifying of the blockchain to their financial advantage.

Its a hard area to really understand and one best to listen to on a Podcast where Vitalek explains it.

Its all basically about money and miners are out to get their transaction fees and whatever fees they can get their hands on.

So there has been a move to try to separate some of the tasks so that some miners are able to do the more complex tasks with “bundles” of transactions and other miners would handle the more mundane or easier tasks.

Apparently Vitalek says that we almost have to live with a certain amount of centralization but the best way to deal with it is to “firewall it” or basically separate the centralization part and keep an eye on it.

So when you hear most of the founders of the crypto movement and many who were simply in at the ground floor as tiny particpant there is always talk of the “public good” and trying to help the world which is a great and admirable thing.

Its just that sometimes a lay or novice reader could wonder if some of the founders have a bit of a naive or simpler view of the world being filled with more nicer people than it really is filled with.

I’ sure that we have been at this long enough that every single scenario has been worked through and every exploit in the software will have been uncovered and blocked.

But….everybody in the movement always insists that you wold need so much computer power to break certain things that it could NEVER happen.

Well….I say “never say never”.

A world wide power outage or partial world outage for a few minutes or seconds not even a day could bring great chaos to a world financial system …unless I am misreading the possibilities.

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