Lets talk about the increasing number of blockchains coming onto the scene.

Lets first talk about some of the controversial changes made to the blockchain in the last several years.

SegWit2x or Segregated Witness

This was a move try to put more transactions on a ledger page in the blockchain by doubling the size of the page which effectively doubled the blockchain limit.

The main change would have been to remove the area for signatures in the transactions.

Many purists resisted the idea and said it went against Satoshi’s originlal idea for the block chain.

We would talk about terms like layer 1 and layer 1s and layer 2 etc

Ethereum has been considered the gold standard for blockchains in 2021 and many blockchain applications and smart contracts are written to tie into the EVM or ethereum virtual machine.

Cardano is said to be more unique and perhaps in a more vulnerable posiition since they use a more unique but quite common language in certain sectors in the past, Haskell for their blockchain.

It is very important to have programmers who can support and create new code in any DeFi organization and the competition to hire new people has never been so intense as it is now as we enter 2022.

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