We have had a long history in North America and our world of major bank fraud and distrust in the system.

Crypocurrency in a way is a protest movement against the banks and those who control the movement of money among the world population who have been denied easy access to it.

So its important to know a little about the past to know where we are now and where we may or may not be going.

Most kids don’t know about older protests like the anti war Vietnam protests and the troubles among the young students.

  • the Great Depression
  • Vietnam War
  • the World Wars
  • Occupy Wallstreet
  • Enron
  • GameStop

We know about some of the big frauds or scams that affected the people…the Enrons, the movie

We’ve probably seen the movies that portray the worst side of Wallstreet (some completely fictional and others loosely based or more so based on reality)

  • Wall Street
  • 9 & 1/2 Weeks
  • Wolf of Wallstreet
  • Boilerroom
  • Matchstick Men
  • The Firm

Lets talk about some real life events in North America like the Occupy movement and what was called Game Stop.

The big protest called Occupy Wallstreet raised some serious eyebrows and attention to the financial markets in 2015.

The occupy Wallstreet movement officially started in September 2011 in NewYorks Zucotti Park and was broken up a few months later by the authorities.

It was a protest against financial inequality and the political influence of big money.

The expression “1%” became popular referring to the nations wealthiest people who controlled the rest of society.’

There were widespread similar protests around the world.

The Arab Spring movement took place before the Occupy Wallstreet movement in 2010 which was protesting corruption and economic imbalances and of course much more.

Gamestop was a huge video and game retailer in North America which first got into trouble at the start of the pandemic.

People said that they were staying open and puttin their staff and customers at risk despite their claims that they were an essential business providing the tecnology needed for remote workers.

In Jan 2021 there was a wild swing in their share price in what was called a short squeeze where the value of the stock went up by 1500%

Somehow Elon Musk had made a few comments prior to this and Reddit was involved and the markets went crazy.

This is almost how some of the wild price rises are with the NFT.

Watch the Youtube video about how Ethereum’s cofounder Vitalek Buterin was able to make $17 billion in a short period of time when 30,000 dog coins were put into his wallet without his knowledge and the public took that as a sign of support and bought the coin in record setting numbers.

So history is something that anyone could look up on Google or Youtube and we can all learn more and possibly make our world better with this knowledge.

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