The areas of the blockchain and smart contracts have suddenly become very important to the whole cryptocurrency movement.

Anyone who has a little understanding of the complexities of this area along with some programming skills will be in very high demand.

We will give some information to learn some of the languages like Rust, Solidity, Python, C++ and more.

So most of the programming talk revolves around programming the blockchain and working with smart contracts.

Most smart contracts in early 2022 still have to do with the Ethereum network so some of the tools that you will need to program the block chain will be related.

You will be programming in the most popular language for blockchain programming, Solidity, so you need to download it.

It is a lot like javascript or c++ as they all have similar features.

You will be working with a made up fake blockchain and the one you can use for this purpose is called Ganache so go download it.

This program makes it easier by givin you a list of about 10 prewritten transactions with Ethereum amounts already deposited in these accounts.

You then need to create a wallet somewhere for Ethereum and you will need to get the Metamask program extension installed under Chrome browswer so you can browse the blockchain.

You will also need to download a program called the Truffle suite which has several tools that are useful for programming the block chain.

You will be setting up the program and configuring some things and you will hear terms like depolying the smart contract and compiling and migrating etc.

We’ll add more info soon in Jan 2022

(under construction Dec 17, 2021)