We will talk about how to use Solidity for blockchain and smart chain development.

Now smart contracts are small bits of computer code that are written on the blockchain to do somekind of thing usually financial like buy or sell something and are triggered by something happening.

Now the most common blockchain to write smart contracts on now in 2022 is Ethereum and the language used most often is called Solidity.

Solidity looks a lot like most other popular languages like C++, Python and Javascript and it is called an object oriented language.

Now Solidity is called a high level language which means its easier for people to read and write but it gets compiled into a lower level language that runs better and faster called byte code and this is done on whats called the EVM or the Ethereum virtual machine.

This term virtual machine has been around in popular programming for 20 years or so and just allows one computer to act like its another one.

But one big difference in the EVM is that not all cryptos use it.

In fact the Cardano blockchain uses another language called Haskel which does not work with the EVM and many say that this is bad for the long term viability of the company since its harder to find programmers to support it.

Haskell is an older very popular powerful language in the acedemic environments but young kids don’t really know much about it.

So as we said…smart contracts are mostly about financial activities at this point in the sense of buying and selling crypto and such.

But it will soon work with healthcare patient records, real estate sales and rentals, voting, and distribution of products in the supply chain.

Smart contracts have many pros and cons but one of the big pros is that they are much faster to get done than conventional paper and office based contracts.

‘Here is a great webpage showing how to program smart contracts in Solidity.

You’ll notice that they use an editor or IDE integrated development program called Remix to enter in the code. https://medium.com/visionary-hub/smart-contracts-are-the-future-962007fcb276

Anyhow…here are some of the basics that we will cover in this area which can get really complex in a hurry.

We would be using programs like Solidity with an editor and have a wallet and be using Metamask and programs like Ganache and .

You need to get familiar with basic linux and you should learn how to work with Github.

Basically we are going to setup a wallet and put some Ethereum in it and load Metamask as a chrome extension.

We install Solidity and get an editor and look for some prewritten routines on a Github.

Solidity looks just like C++ and other object languages .

There is also some learning of javascript.

You need to understand the old web and now the second gen web with css and and then you need to update your knowledge about the front and back end with the css and the html and forms.

You will need to learn terms in programming like migrating, deploying…and c++ terms like struct and initialization of variables ….

We’ll get you started and get you sites to go get more informatino.

(under construction Dec 17 2021)