There is a huge need now to create new coins and things to sell for crypto in the Metaverse.

You can simply design graphics for a new coin or new project or some NFTs to sell.

NFTs can be some digital banner or avatar or a house that will sell for crypto in one of dozens and eventually thousands of metaverse/virtual reality sites.

If you have any skills in 3d animation programs like Maya, 3d Studio, Daz, Blender, Autocad or game design engines like Unity or Unreal than sharpen up those skills and do it now!

People with BIG money are looking to sell something on the Metaverse and they will contract you or hire you from whereever you are if you can get it to them.

You can design some mega house to be plunked down near Snoop Dogs house in the Sandbox or just design the running shoes NFT that Snoops guests might want to wear in the house.

If you have graphics skills and understand how to sell it with crypto then get comfortable with hot and cold wallets and using Metamask and avoiding high Ethereum gas fees and figuring it all out.

(under construction Jan 2022)