Metamask is a site you will be visiting if you are getting involved in NFTs and for other reasons involving smart contracts and the blockchain.

Metamask’s website says that they are the most trusted way to access,, store and swap Ethereum tokens.

One of the popular Youtubers claims that he had $40k taken from his wallet due to some hacker and some confusion with his wallet and about the lack of 2 factor authentication somewhere along the line.

So make sure you understand your security risks whereever you go.

Now Metamask is used to transact NFT business alot and there will be a tie in between your wallet and Ethereum.

Metamask started using a new protocol called EIP 1559 which has to do with gas fees and making it more fair by getting rid of what is called “first price auctions” and replacing it with a fixed price sale.

Anyhow…this all gets quite complicated in a hurry and you will hear talk on the Youtube channels of how much people hate the gas fees on Ethereum and are going onto other platforms.

There is talk about how miners must get tips so that they will put your transaction near the top of their processing list which is important if you are trying to launch your NFT on a certain date and alll of a sudden you realize that you will miss that date by a day.

Many people get nervous when they hear that there is a way to tip to get priority service with your online money so its important that we all learn more about what that means.

Just picture trillions of dollars in the hands of computer programmers who understand how to move the money around the world (your money) using smart contracts, block chains various mathematical algorrithms and programming languages like Rust, Python, things like Solidity and more!

(under construction Dec 17, 2021)