Before you start to buy your first crypto you must do some basic research or find some freinds who have done it and follow their lead.

Ideally you will have an investment advisor that you have dealt with but many people have never had any experience with the banks or the stock market other than putting their money in a bank and maybe getting a loan for a car or a mortgage for a house.

There are 3 main types of crypto exchanges

  • Conventional ones (Coinbase but does not allow purchase of LBY)
  • Instant exchanges
  • DEX (BISQ, BlockDX)

Some of the most popular and reputable companies so far are Coinbase in the USA, Bitbuy and Ndax in Canada and many others.

Almost every week there is an announcement of a company expanding into new countries.

Not all cryptos can be purchased on every exchange.

For example, some coins like LBY which is the coin which supports the Youtube alternative called Lbry can not be purchased on most of the major North American exchange because of some controversy.

One complaint that the government had was that there was some improper filing regards to the SEC Security Exchange committe.

So your first step to buying a hard to get cryto which is not listed on the major exchange that you’re dealing with is to check the website organization

On this list will be many coins that are hard to find and so you’ll search for which exchange has your coin and then you must select the market pairs choice which will give you the name of the crypto you want and the alternative crypto that can be used to purchase it.

So with this “harder” to buy crypto you have these choices:

  • buy on the actual companys site like Odysee (related to LBY)
  • convert other coins into LBY or other hard to buy alt-coins
  • find an instant exchange (SimpleSwap, Swapspace)
  • find a regular exchange that does allow purchasing of it(Bitrex, MXC,Bitmart,Lbank,HotibitCoinex,BigONE)

(under construction Dec 16, 2021)