There is an immediate need for lawyers who understand the new metaverse and all things crypto and money.

We have the crypto industry which has a foundation in all things free….the open source movement.

And we have the hard core reality where people want to get rich and get rich fast with or without following any legal roadblocks.

Did you design some digital banner or avatar that someone else is now selling on SecondLife?

Or, did you misunderstand what use or purpose you could use your NFT for?

In the beginning there was just Bitcoin and everything was peachy keen and everyone was smiling.

Now we have over 6,000 crytpo coins and over a dozen blockchains and soon hundreds or thousands of blockchains.

The thing is that Bitcoin was based on free to use open source software and anyone could modify it to make their own product ..and they have been,

Ethereum was the only game in town for its back end but ever since the gas fees went up everybody else is copying whatever they can and becoming the competition.

So who owns what and who should pay royalties for what if anything?

Call your lawyer and call him or her early.

Make sure you understand smart contracts and DeFi and the rules of Crypto in China and other countries who have banned their use.

Canada is about to create its own Crypto so what will that mean?

Its a Wild West…its Web 3.0 and its a roller coaster ride. Put on your seatbelts because we aren’t in Kansas anymore.

(under construction Jan 2022)