Computer Security

There has probably never been a greater need for top notch security experts (other than military use) than now with crypto and everyone’s money at stake!

If you have almost any kind of “white hat hacker” skills or any level of knowledge in encryption, cryptography or have skills in advanced mathematics then you are in the right area.

Start sharpening your coding skills and build up your resume and clean up your past so you can come across as a trustworthy computer superstar.

If you don’t already have have skills in these areas then you need to start learning linux and Python and look around Youtube for all the loopholes in the existing blockchain system.

  1. check the Youtube video where you can easily see at least 10 posters showing how to create phony coins with projects to boot
  2. check Youtube and see how easy it is to leverage your small money on some exchanges and buy more crypto than you are technically supposed to be able to do
  3. view and read about the latest crypto hacks & scams from what happened to Ethereum and the Quadriga incident to phony Squid game and Ape projects

Physical Security- Personal Guards

Then if you have no computer skills at all but are built like a Mac truck or know extreme fighting skills then you can get a job to protect the freshly minted young crypto millionaires and the white hat hackers who will become targets.

Number one rule of fight club….there is no fight club.

So a tip to the kids making $20,000 in a week on crypto and telling Youtube about it.


You don’t need to tell the world that you are the golden calf and can make people more money than is possible other than robbing a bank directly.

Just sayin’.