There are special skills required to work on the blockchain

Some blockchains use particular programming languages.

The Cardanon blockchain uses Haskell which is not a common language in this space.

Most others are based on the EVM or the ethereum virtual machine.

2022 will be a huge year for hiring almost anyone who knows about crypto especially programmers and developers of blockchain technologies.

Remote workers will have a field day as they can find employers world wide prepared to offer contract or full time work.

So the skills you need to develop will depend on what type of job you want but if your experience and knowledge is limited then you can learn enough to get a job in email support.

Learn the terminologies and ideally open up an account and buy and sell some currencies so you can speak from experience in your email/voice or zoom interview.

If you are going for a developer position and don’t have any past credentials of job experience then sign up for some courses and make sure you are pretty familiar with

  • languages like Python, C++, Rust, Solidity, Haskell, Javascript
  • open source software movement, peer to peer technologies
  • Git hub and how to do team software development
  • know cloud services like Azure and AWS
  • know about the move to “no code” programming and using libraries/pre written code
  • know about advanced in AI coding like COLAB

Make sure you have a postive, upbeat attitude and make sure that your posts on Youtube and any social network does not portray you in a negative light or as someone who is hard to work with.

(under constructionn Jan 2022)