Lets talk a little about real gold and silver and how the real gold rushes happened in the history of the world…for the fun of it.

We are essentially in a Gold Rush time now where huge money is being made overnite by many people.

If Elon can promote a dog coin and make hundreds of millions and Vitalek can make 17 billion in a few weeks when someone simply puts $30,000 worth of Shiba Inu dog coins in his wallet…then there is something seriously wrong.

So lets talk about gold rushes and wall street crashes and all things similar.

We can start by talking about precious metals as an investment or simply as something to keep around the house for those crazy moments or the impending Apocolypse.

Silver has always been cheaper and could be used as a pass around currency in almost all life situations.

Gold is more expensive and well…its complicated.

But you can buy gold and silver that you don’t take possession of or keep in a safety deposit box or you can buy something that you can hide under your mattress.:)

The types of gold and silver you can buy are

  • coins (collectible, special celebration pressings, in a case or loose)
  • jewlery
  • bullion small bars or larger


  • colors (yellow, silver, rose, white, green
  • 24 kt is pure but too soft to wear as jewelry (10, 12, 14,18)
  • gold plated vs gold filled
  • what alloy added to make it stronger (allergic to nickel?)


The Gold Rush ws relatively short lived between 1848 and 1852 when gold was discovered in the USA in Sutters Mill in California.

Some 300,000 people apparently rushed there to seek their fortunes.\

But the 1886 gold rush in Witwatersrand South Africa was the first big discovery of gold.

In Canada our gold rush was way up north in the Yukon Klondike in 1886 where about 100,000 went up there..and most probably froze to near death in the attempt to get rich or die trying.

People will try mining for just about anything.

Now ….the metal some people are after is what is found in a cars catalytic converter.

For a street price of about $150 people will go under and SUV with a battery powered grinder or torch and be gone in 30 seconds to the junk yard.

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