Lets talk about how to create and sell NFTs.

You will need an account on some exchange and usually an online wallet and some knowledge of how to do it.

It can be a little intimidating because often you are advised to learn as much as you can about an NFT and often you are told to go on their website and their discord server to learn more.

You will probably be transfering a certain amount of Ethereum on a certain date if they are just launching the NFT.

It can be exciting and profitable or a total waste of time and money.

Many of these NFTs are in the gaming world and are to be used on sites like Second Life and Decentraland.

Often artists have a preexiisting work of digital art and a social media following which can be called their community.

Then you can decide to launch one or a group of your nfts.

You would set up a wallet on an exchange and get familiar with various crypto places and tools like Metamask and some coins like Ethereum and Litecoin etc.

If you are planning to create an entire project then you need to put togehter a launch document which would contain a handful of categories almost like a business plan in a way.

You would talk about your team, the community, the tokenomics of your tokens etc.

Many people join various groups which promote several projects at the same time in a form of a launchpad.

There is a site called Cardstarter for projects that will be on the Cardano platform and there are several others.

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