A large number of NFT projects and purchases will have something to do with the gaming world.

There are hundreds of games that have been around for years and a handful that are extremely popular like Forenite, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto.

Some big games other than Axie Infinity that use the blockchain and sell NFT items are Upland, Alien Worlds, Clash of the Coins, Neon District and more.

There are new companies or “projects” being launced every day and they all will promote themselves online using almost a cookie cutter or same list of a handful of factors.

They almost produce a business plan or what is called a prospectus in the Stock Market world.

They will have sections like the following:

  • the game & the characters
  • the team behind it
  • the Roadmap (which lists dates when they will meet certain goals)
  • whitepaper is a PDF file that summarizes all of the above
  • economics/token will show a piechart and how many coins go to who
  • there will be a lot of talk about community, number tokens issued, rarity, etc

So you need to be careful because its very easy to hire a great graphics designer who can create some really amazing looking game designs on the screen.

They may have just purchased a template from some company and modified the text and then asked you to send money to buy some tokens.

(under construction Jan 4, 2020)