The place that all these NFTs will be sold is generally said to be called on or in the Metaverse.

But this is a general term which describes a handful of websites or communities.

The one that started it all where people were able to sell digital real estate and avatars and clothes and advertising was Second Life and they were started in 2003.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook announced that he was starting a whole new way of doing things and it was the metaverse and he renamed his company Meta.

So NFTs are being sold in various places like SecondLife, Decentraland, Sandbox and a few others.

People who want to sell NFT’s are usually very computer savy or at least very good at creating graphics images on computers.

They join and chat mostly on Twitter and on whats called a Discord server.

You will see wild and zany icons of the users and bizarre nicknames and cryptic code words everywhere.

So if you are an older person who is new to computers you better hire a young person to show you around because its like the people you will meet are speaking a whole different language.

Then get your younger friend to show you around in a virtual world like SecondLife and see some of the most bizarre things you have ever seen.

You will see avatar people who look like half person and half animal and some will be flying and many will be swearing and music will be blaring and avatars may run up to your avatar and make you start dancing and you won’t know how to move.

So don’t go spending your money on NFT unless you know what you are doing or have a friend who can make sure your wallet is offline and secure and you don’t just click on every request to accept an etransfter that comes to your email account.

It can be fun and unicors and happy kitties for most people or tears and sad clowns for others.

(under construction Dec 20, 2021)