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30 years ago we loved the idea of “Shareware” software where people could try software free and if they liked it, they could then send money to pay for it.

So we began ShareViews Video Tutor in 1990 and welcomed people to copy our VHS training videos for FREE if they could not afford to pay for them.

Our videos eventually made their way into libraries, schools and homes around the world from Taiwan to South Africa, China to Australia and beyond!

We had topics like:

Introduction to Word Processing, Ham Radio, Unix, and when the Internet came on the scene in 1994 (for the general public in a graphical browswer format Netscape) we came out with

Introduction to the Internet, Making Webpages 1 & 2, Serious Business on the Internet, Programming in Java, Guide to VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language, Guide to the Year 2000 (crisis?)

But even before our video business in around 1990.. wee first started selling name brand computer and electronics books on what was called “BBS” bulletin board system before the Internet came out.

This business ROM Computer and Electronics books “Canada’s first Online Bookstore” sold books from all the bigs….Wiley, McGraw Hill, Addison Wesley etc.

People were able to view our book descriptions, read book reviews and place orders for books and we were able to ship them all over the country.

Eventually with the video business we decided in 2000 before Youtube was a glimmer in anyones eyes, we tried to launch ShareViewsTV where people were invited to send us their home made training videos of them doing anything. Playing piano, putting up drywall, painting in oils, cutting hair.

We sent off hundreds of press releases to the media and ran tiny ads in Wired Magazine but eventually could not get the financial support and we could not figure out the technology with REAL VIDEO to stream our content and that of those who started sending in their video files.

So we closed down and eventually Amazon began to sell books and more online and Youtube started playing peoples videos.

We laugh about it and like the scene in the movie with Deniro (I think) or maybe it was Rocky 1…we say….”we cudda’ been a contenda’ …instead of a bum”.

Anyhow….more content is coming soon.

So far we didn’t add any content here as we were filling up the content for our Robotics site.

Stay tuned for our YouTube videos in January 2022.

Yes and we could use your financial support but only if you are in a good position to do so.

If you made a fortune over the years in computers or maybe recently in crypto and you would take 100 life times to spend your money…well then I would gladly accept your $10 …your $5,000 or your $30,000 to keep us producing FREE material.




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