There are lots of Youtubers producing videos explaining the mining process and here are a few really good ones that stand out.

Most miners tend to use the Linux based mining software called HiveOS as opposed to some who stick with a Windows based option.

Now HiveOS is the gold standard to use but since it is Linux based it is quite a bit more intimidating to most people who haven’t dealt with Linux before. You need to create a bootable flash drive to start up your machine and use the program Balena Etcher which is also used to start up a Rasbberry Pi…but its not for everyone.

Once HiveOS is installed its menu operated like a Windows program but it has a lot of things that you need to configure like your wallet, the flightsheet, your video cards etc.

Using Windows is more like driving a car and using HiveOS can be a little like sitting in a Piper airplane for beginners.

You can screw up BAD with your money if you set it up wrong and somehow put your wallet settings in wrong and maybe open yourself up to hacker attacks in the future…who knows.


Youtube Channel:

He is a residential miner and tends to go for the newer higher end ($2,000) video cards, You can watch his videos but he has a relaxed style and is open with giving his tips .

He can be seen plugging in cards and adjusting software and showing his progress over the last few years.

Red has a nice section called the “roundtable” where he gets a few extra miners on the show with him to talk about …what else..mining. And of course being a Youtuber and balancing the production of the shows with being a miner and having a family life

TheHobbyist Miner

Youtube Channel:

There are some great videos here and you will be amazed at his rennovated basement filled with racks and racks of mining gear! Inspiring to be sure.

You can certainly spend hours watching and learning and you have to wonder where the line between a hobby and a profession is…or an obsession haha:) Props. Good work!

ChumpChange XD

Youtube Channel:

He gives some excellent tips for beginners and advanced users alike. His beginner videos show how to install the HiveOS operating system (linux based) and how to set up your wallets, flightsheet etc and how to start er’ all up and check if you want to overclock any video cards.

He mostly shows screen shots and doesn’t tend to be on camera but thats fine since the knowledge that he dispenses is great. Beautiful intro and extro and music track for the vids,

He runs an excellent source of info and help on the Misfit miners discord server.

Sebs Fintech

Youtube Channel:

Sebs uses Windows instead of HiveOs and says he does that to relate more to the average viewer who might not have an easy time with the HiveOS.

He gives great tips on setting up and watching out for the dangers of incorrectly knowing your power needs and such and risking a house fire.

Good shows and in an informal style where you see him setting things up in his Scandinavian? house.